As part of our ongoing efforts to impact this world for Christ, Shiloh supports several missionaries.  Please use this opportunity to learn about them and their important work.



Cheryl Harrison serves in Jūrmala, Latvia.


Cheryl began her involvement in Youth With A Mission in 1983, serving in USA for 10 years before moving to Latvia in 1993. She helped pioneer the YWAM ministry, which has now grown to 3 operating locations in the nation.  Since 2008, she has served as the national leader in Latvia and serves on the regional core-team leading YWAM North Europe.    These roles involve giving oversight, spiritual protection and encouragement to other leaders, coordination of various national and regional events and initiatives,  a priestly role of intercession, strategic planning for the future, and to represent YWAM  in Latvia and internationally.
Cheryl is involved with communication, networking, various interdenominational initiatives, teaching and discipleship.


The Cieply Family


We have so much to share with you! The first half of 2018 has been full of excitement and growth as well as sorrow. We have had new dreams birthed in our hearts and are excited for what lies ahead but we have also lost two dear friends and have walked through grief.  Through it all the presence of Jesus is very near and we hold onto Him tightly. As you read we pray you will enjoy hearing about a few family milestones and ministry plans. We are so thankful to have such an encouraging family of supporters. Thank you for taking the time to hear our heart. We ask for your prayers as we do our best to follow the path God is leading us on.


There is never a boring day with our three energetic, adventurous boys! Scraped knees “bonked” heads is our life, and we love it!  Watching them grow, play and learn brings our hearts so much joy. We rejoice as Dustin has finished kindergarten, Jonah has learned to use the “potty” and Aaden’s vocabulary seems to be growing daily.

After attending a hybrid between homeschool and Christian school for kindergarten, Dustin will enroll in 1st grade at the Christian school at our new home church where we serve as the worship leaders. We are blown away by the favor of God as He made a way for us to afford Dustin’s journey into education. He says that he wants to be a doctor so he is only scratching the surface! We look forward to celebrating Independence Day and his birthday! Fireworks every year for your birthday. Not bad!

Jonah is having a blast in Sunday school at our new church. He is quite the social little guy. His teacher said that she can always count on him to have the right answer. We had a blast celebrating his 4th birthday a few weeks ago! Where has the time gone?

Aaden is by far the most adventurous and free spirited! I (Aaron) don’t know where he gets it! He certainly keeps us on our toes chasing him around! He is so much fun and will be turning 2 in October! Jonah is happy to have a wrestling buddy a little closer to his own size!

Ministry at YWAM Boston

The atmosphere of YWAM Boston is full of excitement and anticipation as we watch God continue to bring seasoned leaders as well as young, passionate future leaders to join our community. We are amazed at the faith and persistence of the men and women we serve alongside. YWAM Boston has grown into a family of diverse ministries all reaching out in different ways with the gospel. Allow me to give you a quick survey.


The campus ministry team continues to faithfully build relationship and share the gospel with international students on the campuses of Boston. Most of their students are from China and have yet to hear the story of Jesus. We believe that every one of them should have the opportunity to hear about Jesus.


The worship ministry serves all other ministries at YWAM Boston by providing space to encounter God in the place of worship. However, their greatest desire is to use worship as a way of reaching out. Recently they were in downtown Boston lifting up Jesus publicly and having incredible conversations at the gay pride event.


Students are continuing to apply and be accepted for this Fall’s Creative Arts in Worship DTS which is a 6 month program designed to empower students to use their God-given talents to bring Him glory. They will be in Boston for 3 months and then will take a full stage gospel presentation on a tour across the USA. We expect hundreds, even thousands to give their lives to Jesus!


Our Discipleship Bible School (which Aaron led for the last 2 years) is being led by an amazing young woman named Sylvia. It has been such a joy to watch her take on the task of leadership with such courage. In just a few weeks a team of about 8 will travel to Mozambique, Africa where they will be teaching the Bible to pastors who only recently received their own Bibles. They will also be involved in evangelism and caring for those with AIDS.


While they are ministering thousands of miles away in Africa many of us will be in Boston running our infamous summer youth program, Joshua Generation. 60 kids from 12-18 will come to our ministry center to be set free by the love of Jesus and equipped to take that love to the streets of New York City. Every year we are amazed at the powerful work God does in and through these young people. It sounds cliche’ but, they minister to us as much as we minister to them.


This past year, God has led us to begin to offer weekly evening training schools designed to serve the local church population in the Boston area. Currently a group of about 20 are about to finish a 12 week journey through the Bible. Several of them have received the call to missions and are taking steps of faith to follow God into their destiny. We are amazed at how hungry these students are for the truth of the gospel and how eager they are to obey!


At the end of July we will be involved in a student missions conference where we will be ministering to college and university students from New England. The goal is to create a space for them to encounter Jesus’ love in healing and liberating ways and to enter into the coming school year with fresh faith and desire to reach their campus and the nations with the gospel.


As I take the time to write to you, I am so encouraged and full of life as I see all the ways God is using our ministry to further His ever growing kingdom. I hope that you feel the same way because we are partners in this. The fruit of our ministry is your fruit as much as it is ours. From the deepest part of our hearts, THANK YOU. We need you. Please continue to cover us in prayer. There are some days where we feel the weight of the battle more than others and to know we have a family who is standing with us is invaluable.